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The Challenge

Peacocke logging approached PME with a problem. They wanted to engineer a system to dramatically improve productivity when harvesting logs on hillsides. Here are the challenges with the project.

  • The rugged terrain in New Zealand has many very large trees to harvest on steep slopes.
  • The slopes to be harvested are up to 50 degrees gradient and greater.
  • The system needed to be very safe - Hillsides are very dangerous for saw operators causing unacceptable amounts of injuries and deaths in recent years in the logging industry.
  • All of this needed to be achieved within a tight budget to make it financially viable.





The Outcomes

  • Lay down harvesting is achieved due to machine cutting, improving timber recovery yield by up to 15%.
  • Machine harvests up to 100 trees per hour versus 8 per hour per chainsaw operator.
  • Total machinery upgrade cost was within budget offering a short project payback period.
  • Reduced risk of accidents due to unprotected saw man no longer being required on dangerous hillsides.


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PME are the only mechanical company in Taupo offering full engineering services. This means while we repair your gear we can deal with engineering repairs all in one saving you time and money.


• Forestry repairs and maintenance

• Design and build

• Certified/ticketed welding

• Enzed hose supplier and fitters

• Fabrication

• Hard facing

• Roading equipment repairs

• Gouging

• Truck decks

• Crane mounts

• Fuel Tanks

• LT400 repairs

• tow bar sales, installation and fitting




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Peacocke Logging Case Study

The Solution

A winch drum system was developed to fit a bulldozer which would act as an anchor for an excavator (digger) to harvest on a hillside. Effectively the Bulldozer has two massive wire rope winches that are controlled from the bulldozer. These control the excavators decent down steep slopes. The excavator is operated with a levelling cabin to allow the operator to sit level while harvesting. He sits in a roll over protected cabin so should the excavator roll over the likelihood of injury is minimal. There is no operator required in the bulldozer as it is controlled by remote control by the excavator driver allowing ease of movement around the slope.


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