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We ensure that your brakes are 100% safe and that you can pass your COF and WOF test without getting black marks against your fleet which could see you with large fines or worse being taken off the road. We reckon brakes are pretty important. So we help you be safe and compliant. Here is why BTNZ is the obvious choice.


Having trouble getting your brakes past a COF?

We save you the time and of having to run your vehicle back and forth to get it passed through NTNZ – With our brake testing onsite we can complete a pre-cof and guarantee we can get you passed if you follow our recommendations on what needs doing. No more black marks on your fleet record.

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If you own a fleet of vehicles or a workshop bring any car or truck in today and we will run your first complete brake diagnostic test ABSOLUTELY FREE.



6 great reasons how you will benefit from using BTNZ

The best brake diagnostic equipment in Taupo

Which means we find the real problem faster than anyone else. You will get a full read out from our diagnostic tool giving you a clear understanding of what’s going on at the wheels for each axle.


No more trial and error

We go to the cause of the problem and recommend what needs to be adjusted or replaced.


We are impartial

 There is no agenda to suggest repairs that are unnecessary or not required as the machine diagnoses what needs to be done and nothing more.


Confidence you will pass your C.O.F. or W.O.F. on brakes

We recommend from our diagnostic information what needs to be done to get you through the C.O.F. or W.O.F.


No unnecessary repairs

As we said we diagnose what needs to be done nothing more.





No Bookings Required

That’s right no booking required so drive in anytime during working hours Monday to Friday and save yourself the time and effort you normally spend making bookings.




wheel alignment

Wheel alignment

Many of us don't realize the importance of proper wheel alignment on our cars. We tend to think that nothing much happens to our tires other than an occasional puncture. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is very important that we regularly get our wheels aligned, and some say it should be done as often as we get the car serviced.

So why should we get a regular wheel alignment?

Reduce Fuel Consumption – When wheels are not aligned they cause drag and the vehicle will use more fuel

Reduce tyre wear – If tyres are dragging on the road they will deteriorate faster

Safety – A vehicle may understeer or oversteer if wheels are out of alignment this is dangerous and may cause an unnecessary accident.

Reduce vehicle wear and tear – If tyres are out of alignment more pressure is put on other parts of the vehicle potentially causing costly damage.


Talk to us today about your next wheel alignment...


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